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30. January. 2014

I have some previews (very rough mixes) from the album to share but I'm still having some problems with the SoundCloud player. It's late and I'm going to bed, I'll try again tommorow. You might just have to visit my SoundCloud personally for now. Button at top, though not where I would like it exactly. Still a CSS newbie.

20. January. 2014

Layout is coming along nicely. Next thing next is getting soundcloud up and running so you can actually hear the tracks. it's of course only a demo (gimme a break, I've only had vocal recording capabilities for a few weeks since I got my dear Cubase running). And of course, I'm not really a rapper, let alone a singer. I do have my dear friend Penny (a real singer) working on vocals to these tracks.

19. January. 2014

I am testing my CSS skills, bear with me. I need some text so I can test the autoscroll on this news section. So here are some some raps to my new single called "Introduction to Juba Town"

It’s obvious to me who’s been swimming in pounds; Because the head’s heavy & bruised that wears the golden crown. Primetime lullaby, guns out after nine-time. My favorite pastime, just protecting what is mine.

Well now that petroleum is found… there’s plenty milling around, hoping that the feeding’s abound. Some return to Juba town as the same kind, but with a brand new sound, Some return to Juba town to just to indulge some, sin on our sacred grounds.

Half of us here are chasing land-claims, while the other half are daily fleeing blood-stains, we got Egyptians eyeing our flood-plains, claiming “it's divine mystery whence the Nile-came.“

Now I concentrate on the chase, in a wholly different state. Beats still the case, though I broke the keys of fate, I promise I’m anything but commonplace, “X” was ”Y” until they saw my face.